Growers & Vineyards

Longstanding relationships. Commitment to quality.

Great wines capture the essence of great vineyards. For over two decades Patz & Hall has been seeking out the very best small, family-owned Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards in California and establishing long-term relationships with the talented winegrowers who farm these world-class sites.

Alder grower black and white portrait

Alder Springs Vineyard

Stuart Bewley

Grower partners

Built on real friendships, and a shared commitment to quality, these partnerships have led to the rich diversity of our wine portfolio, contributing to our acclaimed cuvées and our sought-after single-vineyard wines.

Committed to long lasting relationships

The commitment to developing our relationships with many of California’s finest growers has become the cornerstone of the winery’s success, allowing Patz & Hall to realize the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Two men and two children in an old-fashioned car with hills in the background

After working with some of the finest vineyards in California for more than 30 years, I strive to remain true to my conviction that great wines are made in the vineyard.