Growers & Vineyards

Longstanding relationships. Commitment to quality.

Great wines capture the essence of great vineyards. For over three decades Patz & Hall has been seeking out the very best small, family-owned Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards in California and establishing long-term relationships with the talented winegrowers who farm these world-class sites.

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Grower Partners

Built on real friendships, and a shared commitment to quality, these partnerships have led to the rich diversity of our wine portfolio, contributing to our acclaimed cuvées and our sought-after single-vineyard wines.

Stuart Bewley

Lee & George Martinelli

Charlie Chenoweth

Gail, Steve & Joe Dutton

Bill Price

Larry Hyde & Family

James Hall & Anne Moses

Gary, Mark & Jeff Pisoni

Mark Sanchietti

Committed to Long Lasting Relationships

The commitment to developing our relationships with many of California’s finest growers has become the cornerstone of the winery’s success, allowing Patz & Hall to realize the highest levels of quality and consistency.

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After working with some of the finest vineyards in California for more than 30 years, I strive to remain true to my conviction that great wines are made in the vineyard.

James Hall