Stuart Bewley

As the inventor of the wine cooler, and the owner of California Cooler in the 1970s, Stuart Bewley helped to introduce a new generation and a wider new audience to the world of wine. After selling California Cooler, Stuart began exploring the possibility of owning his own high-end vineyard.

Alder Springs Vineyard

Stuart Bewley is a Mendocino pioneer, planting vineyards high on the flanks of Cahto Peak, just outside of the town of Laytonville in the far north of the County. Stuart is a deeply knowledgeable and committed viticulturist, producing some of the finest grapes we receive at Patz & Hall. The depth of aroma and texture, the ability to age and the singular personality of Alder Springs Vineyard wines speak to Stuart’s relentless drive for excellence.

Stuart finally found what he was looking for on the hillsides of Mendocino County, near the town of Laytonville, where he founded Alder Springs Vineyard in 1993. Since the very beginning, Stuart has been hands-on in every aspect of the viticultural program. From the initial planting on, he has worked to establish Alder Springs as one of the finest vineyards in Mendocino County.